The 2018/19 Season is finally here!

nbsc swimming racesSign on at the clubhouse between 2:50-3:20pm

For our new families please note the first two weeks of club races is often a hectic time for everyone. We ask that you have a think about what strokes and distances your children would like to swim before you sign on for races at the clubhouse between 2:50pm-3:20pm. Swimmers can choose their preferred strokes and distances and as they improve throughout the season may wish to try additional strokes or increase their distance.

From week 2 our club races are handicapped giving everyone an equal chance at placing first throughout the season. Our weekly races are graded according to distance and speed so that children of similar ability are racing together. The water is a still a little fresh the first few weeks of the season so if your child has a wetsuit or thermal rash vest please bring it with you and have some warm clothes ready for them once they have finished racing.

Races begin after 3:30pm every Sunday but ALL swimmers must mark their names off in the clubhouse PRIOR to 3:20pm. This gives our handicappers a mere 10minutes to finalise our daily program so any swimmers arriving after this time will not be included in regular handicapped events. They will be offered the chance to swim with other late swimmers in a scratch event (all at Go) only.

We have more than 70 new members registered this season so it may take us a few weeks to get to know your children and remember each of them. We marshal for events at the eastern end of the pool near the ramp so please congregate close enough to this area so you can hear your child’s name being called.

As a family orientated club we cannot run our events each week without some assistance from our families. Where possible we ask our parents to assist with simple tasks such as time-keeping. Time-keeping allows you to help us get things going whilst giving you the best vantage point to watch your kids swim!

Following our races this Sunday we will hang around for a meet and greet in case any of our new families have questions they’d like answered. Remember the first day is always a little chaotic but things settle quickly from week 2 onwards. Looking forward to meeting our new families and sharing your aquatic journey!

For the latest news & information regarding NBSC register with Team App. Team App is loaded with links to our website, social media pages as well as listing entry forms for upcoming carnivals & a schedule of events for the entire season.

In addition Team App allows us to send a message to all registered members regarding cancellation of events due to inclement weather.

If you don’t have a smartphone for Team App keep up to date with us on facebook, Instagram or visit our website.