Annual Report 2018

Presidents Report 2018

It was all change at Northern Beaches Swim Club in 2017 as suggested the previous year, Lois Clarke passed over her presidency role to Lisa Mozes. Lois also set up the new committee for 2017 – 2018. Vice President Leisa Cannon, Treasurer Meaghan Parker, Club Secretary Charmaine Welsh, and Rowena Clarke, our hardworking Race Secretary, who did all the week to week admin for our Sunday Races. Lois also shadowed and was on hand guiding and mentoring the new members of the committee whom all have little or no background knowledge in the Swimming Industry but are parents who show a passion and are keen to help. Over the coming years we hope to gain momentum and understanding of the ins and outs of swimming and collectively we would like to achieve great success for Northern Beaches Swim Club and our swimmers with the ongoing support from Warringah Amateur Swimming Association. 2017 was a cracking year for NBSC.

We saw our club membership grow by a staggering 50%! We managed to hold onto the majority of our new families who registered with us in October 2017 and we ended the season strong, with roughly 150 swimmers ranging in all ages. Our biggest growth area had to be the younger families with children under 7 years of age. If these families return in Oct. 2018 we will be doing very well. Weather was very hot this Summer, with little to no rain at all. I can only think of two occasions when the weather was particularly cold and rainy. We were very lucky indeed this was reflected in numbers turning up each Sunday. Races ran well and saw many swimmers gain in confidence each week, including our many new Mum and Dad swimmers. Our last family relay day which is much talked about (thanks to Rowena) was another huge success, with all swimmers accruing vast amounts of chocolates!

The club had its best year yet with incredibly strong representation at the WASA carnivals throughout the season with continued growth in numbers and medals. It’s a joy to see so many of our young swimmers participating in such events. WASA offers many benefits as our governing body and continue to support the district clubs by running 5 carnivals, so that our swimmers can not only have fun but participate in and gain racing experience during the season. The development squad which runs during late January is one that most of our swimmers attended last summer 2018. It is only by attending carnivals that our members then qualify for WASA Winter scholarships. Our first ever BBQ/ Cake stall at Bunnings on Saturday September 2nd. 2017 allowed us to start the season with a small amount of money in the bank and for the first time we were able to stand alone. We have rebooked this September 1st 2018 for both BBQ/Cake stall. With more members joining us we hope to have even greater participation from our families on the day. Our end of Season party was also a fun packed afternoon, with a tombola style raffle of many donated prizes for the children and adults. We hope to continue on with this fun and exciting fundraiser as an annual Club tradition.

These two fundraisers enable us to continue into Summer of 2018 maintaining our fees at the same affordable level as we have for the past 3 years but still allowing the club to afford the ongoing expenses needed throughout the season. In addition to our fundraising efforts this year the committee looked outside of the Club for financial assistance. We applied for three (3) grants to be used for stopwatches and shade structures for our young swimmers. we are awaiting a response from One (1). We weren’t lucky with two (2) applications. Leisa Cannon and family took on the task of our monthly poolside sausage sizzle for the first time, as with everything word got out and our young families supported us, sales grew throughout the season. We may consider doing this on a fortnightly basis if we get the support from more families at the AGM this July. The Mork family ran the marshalling area each week like a well-oiled machine. The Harvey, Mozes and Newton families were early each week to set up lane ropes. And we must not forget the continued help from all our families with time keeping and carrying our equipment up and down the stairs each and every week!

Thank you to all our families old and new – Our club is blessed with incredible people, and without your assistance and ongoing support we would not have been able to ensure that Sunday races ran as it should. So even though our helpers are small in number everyone did a remarkable job. Charmaine, our wonderful Secretary, is always there to back us all up and tirelessly do all the paper work and admin required behind the scenes. She has been applying for the grants and we stay hopeful that if we continue to ask and apply at some point it will pay off. Rowena our Race Secretary, handicapper, and starter is always a tremendous asset, keeping us all on our toes. It would have been impossible to run events and attend carnivals without these two very special ladies. Thank you, I appreciate all that you did. Lastly a Special mention to our wonderful Chloe, who turns up and helpers out every week volunteering her time at Races and always shows the young children (and adults) enormous amounts of encouragement, patience, passion and kindness. She is a wonderful young woman an asset and the club wouldn’t be the same without her! We are very excited about the future of swimming on The Northern Beaches and look forward to our little clubs continued growth into the 2018/2019 swimming season. Warm Regards

Lisa Mozes

Club President



The Club’s financial position certainly strengthened in the 2018 year. This was largely due to the increase in members and the strong fundraising activities throughout the year.

Through fundraising the club raised $2,038 throughout the year and a further $704 from the Club BBQ / Canteen and then $820 from the end of year raffle.

The Club was able to sustain financial independence in the 2018 year without requiring financial assistance from the swim school.

Carnivals incur a small cost to the club due to relays etc. and WASA registrations represented 60% of club fees this year due to club memberships being capped at a family rate.

The awards night costs were significantly higher than the previous year but this was simply due to increased numbers.

The Club made a profit of $1,971 for the year and ended the year with $2,903 in the bank account.

During the year the Club also moved to internet banking which has simplified the paying and reimbursing of expenses significantly.

Meghann Parker




The continued growth of Northern Beaches Swim Club over the past season ensured that many of our age groups were highly competitive. The biggest growth was surprisingly amongst our amazing adults who loved nothing more than dusting off their speedo’s and hitting the pool each week. Despite the growth we still managed to offer all four strokes each week for our swimmers to contest over a range of distances. Most of our events are handicapped giving everyone equal opportunity to place first throughout the season. Children are encouraged to attempt the strokes and distances they feel comfortable with and every race is an opportunity to measure themselves against their own potential. Most pleasing this season was the number of our swimmers that stepped up to represent Northern Beaches Swim Club by competing at the local Warringah (WASA) meets. We may not be the largest team on the Northern Beaches but we certainly have the loudest cheer squad!

Throughout the season there were some outstanding achievements from our swimmers both young and old. Our swimmers won over 60 medals this season at WASA carnivals which is an AMAZING achievement. In November our 8/Under relay team of Eli Mork, Alex Newton, Bridgette Mozes and Aiden McGrath became the first Northern Beaches Swim Club team to win GOLD in a relay. Our 10/U team of Will Van Rijswijk, Cillian McGrath, Eli Mork and Alexis Harvey finished a close second to earn the SILVER. In February our 10/U boys hit the pool in one of the most outstanding team swims that had the crowd captivated. Eli Mork, Will Van Rijswijk, Leo Hill and Cillian McGrath swam out of their skins to win GOLD by the narrowest of margins up against some amazingly stiff competition. Not to be outdone in March our MIXED OPEN relay team of Gavin Mork, Sigi Hill, Mark Gason and Robyn Hill combined to win GOLD by more than 5 seconds from their nearest rivals.

Most pleasing was seeing a total of 46 swimmers represent Northern Beaches at the final WASA carnival in March. Given the size of our small club this is a massive achievement. Congratulations to everyone that represented Northern Beaches Swim Club throughout the season at WASA meets. Congratulations to Robyn Hill who was the overall point score winner for the OPEN division throughout the WASA series. Competitor of the Year – Aiden McGrath Aiden amassed 15 individual medals this season and was a part of the first relay team from Northern Beaches to achieve GOLD. Aiden also swam up to 3 years above his age division to ensure we could field a second Northern Beaches 10/U team giving more of our members the chance to experience the thrill of relays.

Club Results:

  • Club Champion of Champions – Eli Mork & Harry Mozes
  • Freestyle Point score – Harry Mozes & Ania Mork
  • Breaststroke Point score – Eli Mork/ Alex Newton** & Alexis Harvey
  • Backstroke Point score – Eli Mork & Alexis Harvey
  • Butterfly Point score – Eli Mork & Heidi Harvey
  • Senior Combined Point score – Shane Harvey & Eve Harvey
  • Senior Freestyle Point score – Shane Harvey & Eve Harvey
  • Breaststroke Point score – Tim Parker & Eve Harvey
  • Backstroke Point score – Tim Parker/ Shane Harvey** & Eve Harvey
  • Butterfly Point score – Shane Harvey & Robyn Hill/Chloe Butler/ Lisa Mozes***

** equal first ***3 way tie for first

  • The fastest male 50m freestyle swim of the year was recorded by Mark Gason in 26.67 and
  • The fastest female 50m freestyle swim of the year was recorded by Robyn Hill in 31.53
  • Our youngest swimmer this season was Olivia Parker and our eldest was Peter Allison.


Looking forward to another great season in 2018/19 as our club expands a little further and our young swimmers continue to improve their fitness, skill and love for swimming. Thank you to our wonderful swimmers for their amazing efforts this season. Thanks to our tireless team of parent helpers who ensure our events go ahead week in week out. Thank you to Warringah Amateur Swimming Association for continuing to support our young swimmers and offer them the opportunity to attend the development camp in January and for awarding Harry Mozes, Cillian McGrath, Alexis Harvey and Lucas Cannon with scholarships this season to assist with their training and development. And to our amazing 50 or so parents who race each week and lead by example thank you for fostering an atmosphere of love and support for all our young swimmers and teaching our kids that the most important aspect of sport is promoting a healthy lifestyle and having a go. Looking forward to another successful season in 2018/19 as our club increases in size and our kids continue to shine. See you in October.

Rowena Clarke

Race Secretary